Return To School 2021

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Return to School

Welcome back to all our families of Ethelbert School. The start of the 2021/22 school year at Ethelbert School will not see much change from the previous year. Although we will see an increase in some activities, the ongoing pandemic has currently resulted in little change in the overall daily function of the school.  We will continue with regular school programing and we will be following the guidelines laid out by the School Division and Manitoba Health. The following is a reminder of how the school will be structured and operate starting in September.

Ethelbert School will be divided into two cohorts. Kindergarten to Grade 6 will be one cohort and students in grades 7 to 12  will make up the second cohort. The Cohorts will be located in opposite areas of the school.

The cohorts will remain mainly in their designated areas and classrooms for the school day.

***(Important) Prior to leaving home***

Students will need to self-screen at home before going to school. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that self-screening measures occur prior to the student arriving at school. . If you child does not feel well do not send them to school.

Parents and guardians must ensure that the student has an alternate means of transportation if the student were to become ill at school. The student cannot be transported by bus or staff if they become sick. If alternate transportation is not available then the student should remain home until alternate transportation can be secured.

Arrival time – 8:40 am for all students. Staff will meet the buses for staggered unloading. Students will proceed directly to their designated classroom. Bus drivers will be contacting families to let them know which bus their child will be riding. All buses have assigned seating to allow for social distancing. Students must remain in their assigned seat. 

Departure – 3:30pm. Students will be directed by staff as when to proceed for departure. Dismissal will start with staggered loading of bus cohorts, followed by the dismissal of town students. Parents who are picking up their child must inform the office. Pick up will be at the main orange doors.

Recess for the K to 6 cohort is scheduled at the regular times and will be outside, weather permitting. Supervisors will monitor the social distancing of students. Play structure and equipment use will be scheduled.  Each classroom will have staggered departures and designated exit/entry areas.

The K to 6 cohort will have lunch in their classroom. Students are encouraged not to bring microwaveable food as microwaves will be limited or possibly not accessible.

The grade 7 to 12 cohort will have lunch from 12:00 to 1:00pm in the multipurpose room.  Grade 7 and 8 students who are town students will be allowed to go home for lunch with parent permission. Town students in grade 9 to 12 are encouraged to have lunch at home.

Breaks for the grade 7 to 12 cohorts will be at 10:02 to 10:10 – Maximum of 4 students in the washroom facilities at one time. 

Water Fountains – only touch less water fountains are available for student use. Students will need to bring a water bottle to school..

Students in all grade levels other than kindergarten will have individual desks.  

Students will be reminded to maintain physical distancing when in the hall ways and are only allowed in designated hallways and open areas. Staff will remind student during recess time to maintain proper distancing.

 Another important strategy to prevent contracting or spreading COVID -19 is to wash or sanitize hands regularly. Students in K to 6 have access to hand washing facilities in most classrooms. All classrooms will have hand sanitizer available for use. Teachers will incorporate opportunities for regularly scheduled hand washing/sanitizing throughout the day.

Currently, it is mandated by the provincial government that all students in grades K to 12 must wear a protective mask. Masks will be provided by the school to students who do not have one. Masks are to be worn by students who are riding the bus.

Students supplies will be kept in a designated area within the classroom to be accessed only by that individual student.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions regarding the upcoming school year.


Warren Heschuk